Welcome to Perfect Number, a surprisingly large site dedicated to Professor Hojo, one of the principal villains in the 1997 hit video game, Final Fantasy VII. Nearly all of the information surrounding him in the game is spoilery, so please tread carefully if you haven't picked up a Playstation controller in the past fifteen years.

Most of the material on this site predates the release of the FFVII Compilation. Please keep this in mind while browsing. I apologize for being a hermit who doesn't keep up with the times like I should.

We're on our 17th layout. Instead of using doujinshi images, I decided to have fun with one of my old pieces of fanart. ^^; It looks a little hammy, but hey, it works!


Update 11-26-12

Slow wordpress install is still going slow, but we got a little bit hacked, so steer clear for a bit. *A*



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