FF7 Script - 8 - Scheming

Script, continued

(The scene fades in to the board room in the Shinra building. Heidegger has a phone pressed to his ear. Reeve and Scarlet look on. After a moment, he puts the phone down.)

         "Strange. I can't reach the President."

         "Not the President. To Sister Ray!"

         "Ha, ha, ha. What is it Reeve? You're speaking strangely."

(Reeve shakes his head.)

         "None of that matters!"
         "The reactor's output is increasing all by itself!"

         "Ww, wait a minute. That's not wise!"
         "It must be cool for 3 hours or it won't work. Reeve, shut off the machine!"

(He shakes his head.)

         "We can't do that! It's inoperable!"

(He pulls out a portable phone and holds it up to his ear.)

         "Someone has switched the machine over to mainframe operation!"
         "We can't operate it from here."

         "What about the mainframe? Who!?"

(He turns to Heidegger.)

         "Hey, call the mainframe!"

(Heidegger picks up the phone for a moment, then puts it down and looks at Reeve.)

         "Huh? Why are you giving orders?"

         "I don't give a damn about the details!!"

(He turns away and listens into his phone again. The scene fades to a small lab at the top of Shinra building. It is exposed to the open air; electric sparks jump along the metal walkway. Hojo is pressing buttons at a large control panel.)

         "Ha, ha, ha...... Just you wait, Sephiroth."
         "I'll give you all the Mako you want."

(The intercom comes on; Reeve called it from his portable phone.)

         "Hojo, STOP! The cannon, no, Midgar itself is in danger!"

         "Ha, ha, ha...... One or two Midgars? ...It's a small price to pay."

         "Hojo! HOJO......!!"

(Hojo doesn't answer. He continues to press buttons and pull levers for a few more moments.)

         "Show me...... Sephiroth."
         "It should be near..."
         "Ha, ha, ha...... Go beyond the powers of science..."
         "Before your presence, science is powerless..."
         "I hate it, but I'll concede to it."
         "Just... let me see it."
         "Ha, ha, ha......"

(The scene fades back to the bridge of the Highwind. Barret shakes his arms at Cait Sith)

         "YO! Do somethin'! Ya big cat!"

(Cait Sith slumps and tiptoes timidly up to Barret.)

Cait Sith
         "We're sunk. Hojo's doing this on his own......"
         "...? ...? H, huh!?"

(He turns)

Cait Sith
         "I don't like this......"

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