FF7 Script - 6 - Old Wives' Tales

Script, continued

(The screen fades in to show a crystal cave at the Northern Crater. President Rufus enters, standing in the center of the room for a moment, enjoying. Scarlet enters.)

         "Wow!! That's amazing!"

(She runs to the center of the room, to the back wall, and back, looking up. Hojo enters just before the camera pans past him to the ceiling of the cave. There is a huge, tree-like, awe-inspiring structure there. Sunlight diffuses through it, into the cave. One large blue stone is nestled in the center of it.)

         "It's all Materia!!"

         "The ouside is rich with Mako energy, The inside is a treasure trove of Materia. This truly is the Promised Land."

         "There is no such thing as the Promised Land. It's a legend... an old wives tale... ...it's utterly ridiculous."

(The camera pans back down to show Hojo standing near Rufus. Rufus turns to face him.)

         "Everything as I imagined it to be. Isn't it splendid?"
         "It is that kind of dullness that makes you a second-rate scientist."

(The entire room quakes, filled with a rumbling sound. Rufus spins.)

         "What's happening?"

         "It's coming from within the wall! Something's in there! It's moving!"

(A huge, emerald green eye winks out from the wall of the cave.)

         "Then it really does exist... I didn't believe in it."

         "What does this mean?"

(Hojo turns to face him)

         "...Weapon. Monsters created by the Planet."
         "It appears when the Planet is in danger, reducing everything to nothingness."
         "That's what was stated in Professor Gast's report."

         "I never saw that report... Where is it?"

(Hojo searches a bit and holds up something in his hand.)

         "Here, right here."

(The eye winks again.)

         "You keep a lot of things to yourself."

(The screen fades to black.)

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