FF7 Script - 4 - Caught on Video

Script, continued

(Cloud goes to a small shack in the center of town. In it are many scientific instruments, blinking, flashing. They look out of place in this small town. He takes a look at them.)

         Play the Video?




         The Original Crisis
         What is "Weapon?"
         Don't watch


         The Original Crisis

(The screen fades to black. When it fades in again, we are still in the same room, but the scenery is dimmed slightly green. A man dressed in a lab coat adjusts some of the instruments - the camera pans erratically up and down here - while a woman in a red dress stands by. The man finishes his adjustments and goes over to stand by the woman.)

         "Camera's ready!"
         "Then, Ifalna, please tell us about the Cetra."

(He steps away, his attention focused on her. She begins to speak.)

         "2000 years ago, our ancestors, the Cetra, heard the cries of the Planet."
         "The first ones to discover the Planet's wound were the Cetra at the Knowlespole."

         "Tell us Ifalna... Where is the land called 'Knowlespole'?"

         "Knowlespole refers to this area. The Cetra then began a Planet-reading."

         "Ifalna, what exactly does Planet-reading entail?"

         "...I can't explain it very well, but it's like having a conversation with the Planet..."
         "It said something fell from the sky making a large wound."
         "Thousands of Cetra pulled together, trying to heal the Planet..."
         "But, due to the severity of the wound, it was only able to heal itself, over many years."

         "Do the Ancients, rather, the Cetra, have special powers to heal the Planet?"

(She shakes her head.)

         "No, it's not that kind of power. The life force of all living things on this Planet becomes the energy."
         "The Cetra tried desperately to cultivate the land so as not to diminish the needed energy..."

         "Hmm, even here so close to the North Cave, the snow never melts."
         "Is that because the planet's energy is gathered here to heal its injury?"

(She bows her head.)

         "Yes, the energy that was needed to heal the Planet withered away the land... then the Planet..."
         "The Planet tried to persuade the Cetra to leave the Knowlespole, but..."

(The doctor shrugs.)

         "Ifalna... Let's take a break."

(She shakes her head)

         "I'm all right... When the Cetra... were preparing to part with the land they loved..."

(She turns away)

         "That's when it appeared!"
         "It looked like... our... our dead mothers... and our dead brothers. Showing us spectres of their past."

         "Who is the person that appeared at the North Cave? I haven't any idea."

         "That's when the one who injured the Planet... or the 'crisis from the sky', as we call him, came."

(She covers her face with her hands.)

         "He first approached as a friend, deceived them, and finally...... gave them the virus."

(She looks up again.)

         "The Cetra were attacked by the virus and went mad... transforming into monsters."

(She sinks to the floor. The scientist runs over to her)

         "Then, just as he had at the Knowlespole."
         "He approached other Cetra clans...... infecting them with... the virus..."

         "You don't look well... Let's call it a day."

(He walks over to the console and presses some buttons. The screen fades.)

         What is 'Weapon'?"

(The screen fades in to show the scientist pressing buttons on the console again. Ifalna is this time seated in the corner. He walks closer to her.)

         "Ifalna, can you comment on the thing called 'Weapon'?"

         "Yes, Professor."

(She stands and walks over to him.)

         "The one the Professor mistook for a Cetra... was named Jenova. That is the 'crisis from the sky'."
         "The Planet knew it had to destry the 'crisis from the sky'..."
         "You see, as long as Jenova exists, the Planet will never be able to fully heal itself."

         "Back then, Weapon was a weapon the Planet produced of its own will?"

         "Yes, but... There is no record of Weapon ever being used."
         "A small number of the surviving Cetra defeated Jenova, and confined it."
         "The Planet produced Weapon... But it was no longer necessary to use it."

(He shrugs)

         "So, Weapon no longer exists on the Planet?"

(She shakes her head)

         "Weapon cannot vanish. ...It remains asleep somewhere on the Planet."
         "Even though Jenova is confined, it could come back to life at some time..."
         "The Planet has not fully healed itself yet. It is still watching Jenova."

         "Where is Weapon?"

(She looks away)

         "I don't know...... I can't hear the voice of the Planet well..."
         "Times... have changed. The Planet... is probably watching this situation closely."

(She rubs her eyes. The professor turns away, shaking his head. He looks almost disgusted. The turns back.)

         "...Thank you, Ifalna, that will be all for today."

(He walks to the console and turns the camera off, leaving Ifalna standing there, her face covered in her hands.)


         Daughter's Record: 10th Day after birth
         Daughter's Record: 20th Day after birth
         Don't watch

         Daughter's Record: 10th Day after birth

(The screen fades to black and remains dark as we hear the Professor and Ifalna speak.)

         "What are you doing, Profes...... I mean, honey?"

         "Oh, I'm thinking of taping it on video. But, the video's not working right..."

         "What are you going to tape? Is there still something I haven't mentioned?"

         "No, that's not it. I'm going to record my beautiful daughter."
         "And when she's sleeping, her face ...looks like an angel."

         "First, we have to figure out her name. We can take the video later!"

         "I've already decided! If it's a girl, then it'll be Aerith. That's that!"

         "You are SO selfish! But Aerith is a good name!"
         "Hee hee... it's a good name, considering it came out of that forgetful head of yours!"

         "Right!? Oh, the video tape......"

         Daughter's Record: 20th Day after birth

(The screen fades in to show the Professor working at the console again. Ifalna comes in and stands next to him.)

         "Video again? You just got through taping!"

         ".........Please don't say it that way."
         "It's our lovely daughter, both yours... and mine!"
         "Don't you want to capture her childhood on videotape?"

         "If you keep doting on her like that, she won't grow up to be strong..."
         "Aerith is different from the other children. I wonder what dangers await her...?"

(He faces away)

         "Never say that! I will protect you and Aerith no matter what!!"

(He turns to her)

         "You and Aerith are my only treasures. I'll never let you go!!"

         "I feel so much better now, darling."
         "If I hadn't met you, I......"

(He walks over to her and places his arms around her neck. Just as they are about to kiss, there comes an abrupt knock at the door. He turns)

         "Who could that--! I was just about to..."

(He grabs his head. Ifalna covers her face)

         "How dare they intrude on our 'private time' together!"

         "I'll send them away."

(She looks at him)

         "Yes, at once!!"
         "Who the devil?"

(She goes to the door. As the opens it, cold wind blows through the room.)

         "It, it's them!!"


(She runs behind the Professor. Two Shinra guards rush into the room, followed by Hojo. He walks right up to the Professor.)

         "Heh, heh, heh...... I've been searching for you, Ifalna... or should I say, Cetra!"
         "Long time no see, Professor Gast!"

(So this is Professor Gast.)

         "Hojo... How did you know?"

         "Believe me, I had to turn over a stone or two to find you."

(Hojo faces away as Gast shakes his head.)

         "Two years I waited.... That's how much I wanted this new sample..... Ha, ha, ha."

(He turns back to Gast.)

         "...New sample? You don't mean Aerith!?"

(Gast viciously grabs onto the front of Hojo's lab coat. The two guards raise their guns. He freezes. Hojo pushes his arm away.)

         "Hmm, Aerith? What a nice name...... Ha, ha, ha."

(Gast holds his head.)

         "That's it! I'm severing all ties with the Shinra."
         "Hojo, please leave."

(Ifalna moves at last. She walks calmly around in front of Gast and kneels on the floor before Hojo.)

         "Please, Aerith has nothing to do with it! All you want is me, right?"

(Gast spins to face her)


(Hojo nods)

         "I'll need all of you for my experiment."

(He turns to face Gast.)

         "You understand, don't you, Professor Gast? We can change the future of the Planet!"

(Gast kneels by Ifalna.)

         "Don't worry, Ifalna. I'll take care of this!"

         "Please don't put up a fight. I don't want any harm to come to my precious sample."

(Hojo turns to face the camera.)

         "Mmm? What a funny looking camera. Guard! Destroy it!"


(The guard nearest the camera spins and shoots out the camera. The screen goes black.)

         "Be careful with her!! Ha, ha, ha......"

(A sound of a blow.)

         "Wh... what are you doing, Professor!?"

         "Ifalna! Take Aerith and run!!"

(A sound of a gunshot.)

         "Eyaaaaah... Darling......!!"

(A pause.)

         "Oh, and uh... don't forget the child!"

         "Hmm, a video? The Ancients... Weapon!?"
         "Heh, heh, heh... a mountain of treasure! Thank you, Professor... Ha, ha, ha."

         Don't watch

         Don't watch

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