Hojo's Relationship With Lucrecia

Permutations of a Relationship
or, They Kissed, Got Married, and Had A Kid, So Give It Up Already, Vincent Fangirls
by Renee

This is the requisite Hojo x Lucrecia x Vincent essay. I used to have a simple relationship pro/con chart here, but I've seen so much whining and so much misunderstanding about this topic that I felt it was necessary to explore this in a bit more depth. There are some people who believe that Lucrecia loved Vincent, that she couldn't be interested in Hojo because he's not handsome, or even that Hojo raped Lucrecia. I think this is a disturbing attitude -- both the idea the Lucrecia couldn't love Hojo because he's not handsome and the baseless accusation that Hojo raped her. He may be a villain, but not all crimes are created equal. I will begin with a screenshot from the game.

This screenshot is from Vincent's flashback the first time you enter Lucrecia's cave. It is very important, even central to this essay. Can you guess why? Obviously your first impulse is to focus on the sad Turk in the foreground, but look behind him. You see those two people in the white polygonal lab coats? That would be Hojo and Lucrecia. In fact, that would be Hojo and Lucrecia snogging with enough interest in each other that they don't even seem to notice Vincent. And what does Vincent say? "As long as she is happy, I don't mind." Vincent is not stupid. If Lucrecia were miserable, don't you think he'd notice? They're all sharing a house, after all, it'd be nearly impossible to hide it from him. We see evidence that Lucrecia is sick during the pregnancy, but none that she is unhappy. She isn't even involved when Vincent confronts Hojo. Vincent, in his thought during the flashback, says he was unable "to stop Professor Gast and Hojo... and Lucrecia". Not protect Lucrecia, but stop her. Clearly she's as deeply involved in the Project as Gast and Hojo are.

Note the line connecting Hojo and Lucrecia. Those kanji on the orange line? They are () otto, husband, and ()tsuma, wife. There you go. They were married, it says it plainly. The line going from Lucrecia to Hojo? The kanji says jikkun ni kyouryoku, collaborates on an experiment. Collaborate means Lucrecia was an active, willing participant. Finally there is the line extending to Lucrecia's picture. This line comes from Vincent's image below. (You can see the full chart if you like.) The kanji there reads kanawanu ai, love he does not attain. It doesn't get any simpler than that. In summation, HojoxLu is:

while VincentxLu is: Any questions? I'd like to thank Fuujin and Icca for help with kanji.