Last Order: Script

Transcription courtesy of Skamander River

Hojo: This one... take him down to the Shin-Ra Mansion's basement.

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Hojo: Sephiroth... you've surely done it this time.

Hojo: Oh, it's you. Is Mr. Veld doing well?

Tseng: Yes.

Hojo: I see. How's the disposal of the village going?

Tseng: We have already begun the operation.

Tseng: But, is there really a need to go that far?

Hojo: Hah! You're still young.

Hojo: Your opinion and such doesn't matter at all.

Hojo: Hurry up with the disposal.

Hojo: Hmm... Just wait a second...

Hojo: This guy finished him, huh?

Hojo: Interesting... It really is interesting!

Hojo: I can use him as a new sample.

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