Last Order

Last Order

Hojo puts in a brief appearance in Last Order, a short 2-D animated film that was part of the Super Spiffy Limited Japanese Release of Advent Children.

Hojo leaning over the semi-conscious Cloud

Last Order is essentially an animated retelling of the fateful Nibelheim flashback along with what came after -- the "recruitment" of Cloud and Zack by Hojo, and their eventual escape. Enjoy the pictures and check out the script of the scene Hojo appears in.

Hojo profile shot

Because this is an anime, Hojo finally has a voice actor. The actor is Nachi Nozawa, best known (to me, anyway) as the voice of Alexander Anderson in Hellsing. He's also had roles in a number of other shows, including Reign, Monster, Ijiwaru Baasan, Rose of Versailles, and the One Piece movie.

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