Dirge of Cerberus

Partial Dirge of Cerberus Script
translated from the original Japanese by Ed Morte

Weiss’ roaring can be heard and the whole #0 Mako reactor begins to shake, and it starts to activate again.*

*Scene goes back to Weiss with his eyes opened.*

Vincent: What?

Yuffie: Omega?

*Yuffie is about to throw her shuriken at him and Vincent is about to shoot him.*


*Nero shoots out his darkness and it engulfed both of them. Yuffie is then seen floating inside the darkness. She started to feel uncomfortable and she clutches her head and screams.*


*Then suddenly a light appears and Vincent came flying out of it with his arms opened at Yuffie.*

*Vincent holds onto Yuffie and jumps out of the darkness. He puts her aside.*

Vincent: Are you alright?

Yuffie: Th, that…that..that was?

*Nero came out of the darkness.*

Nero: Death…is it… The darkness which I possess will take in anything. At the same time, you can also take and bring out anything at will. However, there are many things that are left over from the close contact with darkness. For example, death wishes. Since this is what this place is filled with……

Yuffie: Th…that’s too harsh…..

Vincent: Yuffie, you stay here.

Nero: That’s right. You’re the one who won’t be sucked into this.

*Then Nero extends his darkness again.*

Nero: No one should interfere with brother’s awakening!


*When Nero’s first form Nero Raflear is defeated, he drops into a puddle of lava, comes back out as Nero Wingshooter.*

Nero: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


*At the beginning of the battle.*

Nero: Don’t…touch…brother….

*When your shot is critical.*

Nero: URGH


Nero: How about this…?


Nero: Let’s end this.

*When you defeated him.*

Nero: UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Brother….Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


*Both exits the darkness dimension and Nero is seen clutching his stomach and he starts to walk towards where Weiss is.*

Nero: Brother…..

*Vincent talks to Yuffie.*

Yuffie: So..sorry…. Haha, I look so miserable……


*As Vincent approaches the room where Weiss is, strong light and shockwave is emitted through the door. Vincent runs into the room immediately after the shaking ceased.*

Nero: Brother….. Brother….finally….finally……


*Nero holds out his hand at Weiss.*

Nero: Ahh, brother, my one and only…… I can finally meet you…brother……

*Weiss looks at him with a evil grin and he took his left hand and stabbed it through Nero.*

Nero: ……? Urgh…. B, brother?

Weiss: You are no longer useful.

*Then Weiss threw away Nero and Vincent looks at Nero lying on the floor.*

Weiss: Ku…Kuhahahahahahaahahahahahaha!

*He jumps toward Vincent and Vincent tries to shoot him, but Weiss parried them all.*

Weiss: Useless. This is the result of merging with Omega, it’s just the same with you and Chaos. Wasn’t it said that, all Chaos was, is just for the sake of being Omega’s chess piece? When that point is reached, the Omega which resides in this body will fly through the Sea of Stars, a higher weapon…… Therefore, there is nothing that can defeat this body. Heheehehahahahahaahahaha. However, Vincent Valentine, I have some fated ties [unfinished business] with you.

Vincent: What?

Weiss: Kukuku, you don’t understand? Three years ago, while pursing Sephiroth, I fragmented myself into the network…… That’s right, my head and my knowledge, my thoughts, all these data, they were all broken down. And then, it spreads out inside the network, my fragments, they even survived the Meteor disaster. When the restoration of the network takes place, it reformed and became one once again. Heh, don’t you think this is a new Reunion?

Vincent: Could it be…you are….

Weiss: Ka…hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! That’s right! It’s me!

*Hojo’s evil laugh starts to infiltrate Weiss' voice.*

Hojo: I’m Hojo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh nononono, good evening. It’s three years already, no? Vincent Valentine. A long time ago, I didn’t believe in her [Lucrecia] theory. And I used to think the reason why you survived has nothing to do with Chaos. However, 3 years ago, you became a beast that I didn’t know about…… That’s right, the time when you turned into Chaos, I was really scared. That woman’s theory was right after all. After that, if the theory is really the case, I thought about the possibility of becoming Omega. Circulating around the universe, becoming one with the system, to be born and changed into something else, maybe it’s possible…… Isn’t this the greatest thing to thrill oneself with joy? However, in order to hold Omega inside, I must need a strong and durable vessel, it’s not just any ordinary flesh. That’s right, do you remember that you were on my experiment table while I was modifying you? If I didn’t do that, your body can’t even accept Chaos. Isn’t this an interesting karma? Hahahahaha…. Okay, lets go back to our talk. Even though I want to make myself stronger by injecting myself with Jenova’s cell… well, that was a failure.

*Then Hojo’s projections go back to Weiss’ body.*

Hojo: Could it be that, I was corrupted by my own thoughts? Besides, you people are going to be defeated. Well, when I was in that situation where I know for sure I can’t make it, in order to make sure [I can come back afterwards], I let my fragments spread out and wander around different places of the network.

*Scene cuts to outside of the #0 Mako reactor.*

Hojo: And then, after I lost my body, I found this place. Could it be that there is a stronger organism living on this planet within Deep Ground? What a convenient, for the sake of awakening this body, Nero helped me with all his heart. And then, I shall set forth towards the Sea of Stars along with Omega’s power!!

Vincent: Hojo, I’ve had enough with your voice.

Hojo: Huh?

*Vincent shoots at Hojo’s projection, but Hojo switches back to Weiss and parried it.*

*Weiss shoots, aims and slashes as Vincent while Vincent is rolling on the floor. Vincent changes his bullets and he shoots at Weiss again, but Weiss is still stronger than Vincent. Weiss gives Vincent a blow kick and Vincent is lying on the floor.*

Hojo: Oh, look how clumsy you are, Vincent Valentine. Hahahahahaahahhahaha! Heh, fated ties [inserverable] While you are crouching there, you can witness the end of this planet while I fly out of here. The retrieval of lifestream has begun……

*Weiss is seen gathering the lifestream.*

Vincent: Wait……

Hojo: Huh?

*Vincent stands up.*

Vincent: Not…just…yet…..

Hojo: Oh, you can’t wait to die? [You are in a hurry to die?] Well, either way it’s fine. Then let me check out [a little bit about] the specs of this body. Let’s go.


*This battle is lose by default.*

Weiss: It can’t even satisfy me.

*Then the shockwave starts again inside Vincent. Vincent stands up with red aura around him and he roars.*

Hojo: Oooh, Chaos…

*Vincent flies toward Hojo with great speed but Hojo blocks it.*

Weiss: If you suppress your powers, it will get you nowhere. Hahahahahaha.

*Scene goes back to Shelke and she wakes up.*

Shelke: No…..!

*Scene goes back to Vincent and he gets up again with the red aura still around him.*

Hojo: Huh?

*Lucrecia’s projection appeared on site but with Shelke’s voice.*

Shelke: No… If you fight this battle with strength only, the one with the name of “the end” won’t be [truly] fulfilled [completed]. Regain your conscious [heart]! You can’t call upon and use Chaos! Call upon Chaos, as a human.

[What Lucrecia really means: If Vincent only fights this battle using brute strength, the Chaos he summons is not in a complete form, and that, he will be taken over once this whole process is finished. However, this doesn’t mean Vincent can’t use Chaos, Lucrecia just wants Vincent to use Chaos as a human, as in, to take control of it instead of the reverse.]

*Hojo!Weiss sends shockwave at Lucrecia’s projection.*

Hojo: Heh, that’s as far as you are going to go.

Lucrecia: Please, you are……

*Lucrecia disappears.* Hojo: What is it now? Being fooled by that woman, even as a thing that only exists to lie? Well anyway, this lets end this. Vincent Valentine!

*Hojo!Weiss sends another shockwave at Vincent, but this time, Vincent blocks it.*

Hojo: What? You, you?! You plan to use the Ancient Materia that is hidden deep within my body and call upon Chaos with that human body of yours?

Weiss: Heh, well, come and try it.

*Weiss sends little debris at Vincent and Vincent dodges it swiftly. Then Weiss runs toward Vincent and starts slashing him, but Vincent dodges them again.*

Weiss: Ahh, but that is only using Chaos’ power [strength]. You are not strong enough to rival me, the one who controls the Omega.

Vincent: Hojo.

Hojo: Huh?

Vincent: You talk too much.


Vincent: Our fated ties…… Let’s finish this here.

Hojo: You, you seem confident.

[Note: There’s no literal translation for that phrase in English, its literal is saying how Vincent has a good attitude/feeling about this.]


*When you hit him.*


*When you hit him more.*

Weiss: Urgh

*When you got hit by him.*

Weiss: Die--!

*When he unleashes his combo.*

Weiss: Let the end of the planet come! [Lit: It’s okay to end/destroy this planet.]

*When you defeated him.*

Weiss: Is it impossible if I don’t use Omega?


*Weiss is being thrown towards the door.*

Hojo: This, this is impossible. Omega’s power, why, why?

Nero: Brother…

Hojo: Wha, what?

*Nero appears out of the ground.*

Nero: Brother……

Hojo: This, this is outrageous!

*Then the scene flashes back with how Hojo thought he killed Nero, but after Hojo thrown Nero away, Nero’s darkness came and seeped into Weiss’ body from behind without being noticed.*

Hojo: Ge, GET OUT OF HERE! The Omega in this body is not pure anymore! Why do you think I made this out of mako instead of Jenova’s pollution? If your impurity got into this…

Nero: How annoying.

Hojo: What?

Nero: I am talking to brother. You, shut up.

Hojo: What are you saying?

Nero: Hey, brother

Weiss: Ahh, Nero

Hojo: Whaaaaa?

Nero: Brother…… Let’s become one. As we are, brothers……

*Nero approaches Weiss and crouches down to put his hands on Weiss' shoulders.*

Nero: That no one can separate…..

*Nero hugs and embraces Weiss and Nero puts his faces onto Weiss' chest.*

Weiss: Yea…that’s great. The two of us, let’s go and meet……

Nero: Brother……

Weiss: Nero……

*Nero disappears.*

Hojo: Don’t, don’t do it! If you do it, then this body will…!!!

*Then Hojo disappears as Weiss approaches the lifestream and disintergrates.*

Hojo: No, noooooooooooooooo---!!

*Ancient Materia falls out of Weiss' body and into the Lifestream pool.*


Yuffie: Vincent-! Well done!

*The lifestream/mako explodes from the compound and it’s flying towards Yuffie. Vincent pushes her away and takes the whole thing himself.*

Yuffie: Vincent!?

*Yuffie wants to save Vincent, but she can’t and she has to take her leave for now.*


*FMV: Omega activation. From Omega, Vincent breaks out as Chaos due to the huge amount of lifestream that activated the Omega-Chaos chain reaction.*


*Scene switches to Shelke.*

Shelke: Omega is…born [revived]? And it seems because of that, Chaos that acts as its opposite is also being awakened……

*Debris are descending from the ceiling.*

Shelke: But that…what is inside Omega, is a network that has taken and filled with many lives of human. Even though it is expected to be possible to access if it is acts as a “single channelled” mentality…… Not only her [Lucrecia’s] data, but also wishes and hopes that are also taken within…… Found it.

[Shelke is trying to awaken the hope and memories of Lucrecia inside Omega so that she could retrieve the Ancient Materia and save Vincent.]

*Shelke SNDs.*

Shelke: Commencing Sensitive Net Dive.


*FMV: Shelke goes into Omega, then Lucrecia comes out and give Vincent the Ancient Materia.*

Shelke: Just…a little bit more….

*Lucrecia appears in front of her with the Ancient Materia within her hands, she holds it out to Shelke.*

Lucrecia: [Take] this……

*Shelke comes out and put the Ancient Materia back into place in Vincent’s heart.*

Lucrecia: [Accept and] take this…… Vincent……

*Then Lucrecia gets pulled back into Omega.*

*Vincent roars.*


*Scene goes back to Turk Vincent's flashback. Vincent is still inside the tube.*

Lucrecia: No, this is not enough. If I don’t do this soon enough, it will head towards destruction……

*Then Lucrecia crouches down due to stomach pain.*


*Another skipped scene.*

Hojo: Ha, so this is an experiment after all?

Lucrecia: ?!

Hojo: You take advantage of this man’s body….

Lucrecia: You’re wrong! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I am just!! ……

*Lucrecia’s face looks astonished.*

Lucrecia: Experiment?


*Scene fades black with Lucrecia in monologue.*

Lucrecia: The person that I have been seeking… That’s why……? I just want to help that person……. Evidence? I just don’t want the same thing to happen again……

Hojo: Hahahahaahahahahahaha


*Scene skips to the part where Vincent confronted Hojo but he got shot instead.*

Lucrecia: ?! Hojo, what on earth have you done?

Vincent: Lu…cre..

*Lucrecia backs away in shock and the screen fades black.*

Lucrecia: The same look in his eyes as that….person [Grimoire]… That’s why…


*Then Lucrecia talks in monologue again.*

Lucrecia: Because I just don’t want to think about it… That’s why I stayed away from him…I understand that very well…


*Lucrecia is seen dropping a few tears on the floor.*

Lucrecia: Huh? I have been thinking about it again…… [Whatever] Anyway…..

*She stands up and look at Turk!Vincent inside the tube.*

Lucrecia: Hey, do you know? Until the very end, you have the same look in your eyes just like that person.


*Scene goes black again.*

Lucrecia: Success. The thing that is wrapped by the life that was born from the lifestream, retaining the body that is heading towards destruction. But…


*Scene goes to Chaos roaring inside the tube.*

Lucrecia (Etheral): But what is born out of it, is Chaos…

Lucrecia: Noo, stop…… STOP!

*Then a light suddenly appears next to Lucrecia, the Ancient Materia.*

Lucrecia: This is….?

*Scene fades black and she’s talking in monologue.*

Lucrecia: I found it, it was a materia…


*Lucrecia is seen typing into her computer anxiously.*


*Then she hits the keyboard hard.*

Lucrecia: What should I do? I……


*In another scene, Lucrecia is asking Hojo for something.*

Lucrecia: Hey, give it back! *begs* Give that [kid] back to me!

Hojo: What is happening to the experiment over there?

Lucrecia: I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!


*Lucrecia is talking in monologue.*

Lucrecia: Hey! Let me see him! *begs in hysteric tone of voice.*

Lucrecia: I am sorry. It’s already…… I am sorry…… I seems I can’t do it anymore….. My mind, my body……

Lucrecia (Etheral): At the end…let me, become data and remain…… My thoughts, this love…… Records, copy of my memories….. For the sake of that person [Vincent]…… Can’t it be done? Huh…..? Fragmentation. I am sorry… Practical…but…… Whose…fragment…… To live…… Hope. Can’t it be done?

*Scene goes back to the lab with Lucrecia gone.*


*Scene goes to Shelke's flashback where she is in the room with the Mako bath.*

Shelke: Who…is this?

Nero: Lucrecia Crescent

Shelke: To collect the data this person left behind on the net as…fragments?

Nero: That’s correct. As well, seek out the Ancient Materia. It seems that it’s something he [Weiss] can’t do.

[Note: Weiss can SND as well, this could be just a lie from Nero, because Weiss was already in a coma state when DC starts.]

Shelke: He?

*Screen fades black and it’s Shelke’s monologue.*

Shelke: Anyway, that was some nice information. Connect with her [Lucrecia] and then along with her memories [feelings]…..


*Scene goes to Vincent sitting in front of Lucrecia in Lucrecia’s cave.*

*Lucrecia’s projection ascend from the crystal structure, onto the pool of water, she stands. She walks towards Vincent.*

Lucrecia: Long time no see. Huh? Am I wrong [Did I make a mistake]?

*She walks around Vincent, but Vincent doesn’t seem to have any response to her.*

Lucrecia: This is…me, but it’s not really me. It’s something that looks like me, made by my own fragments. The real one, [was especially,] destroyed.

[Note: She said this in a cheerful tone of voice and she made it sound as though she destroyed her real self on purpose.]

*Lucrecia looks toward the further end of the cave.*

Lucrecia: Hey, do you still remember that place there?

*Scene fades to white and after awhile it turns into a garden, the garden where Vincent was having his afternoon nap.*

[Note: The way Lucrecia speaks in the garden portion is basically seeking forgiveness and emphasizing how much she wants to tell Vincent that she actually loved him. But then she was in a series of conflict with herself, so a lot of the lines are rhetorical questions that she knew the answer to, she just wants Vincent to reply and tell her that he has already forgiven her.]

Lucrecia: The wind…feels good, doesn’t it? This place, no longer exists anymore……

*Vincent is still sitting there not a movement nor response came from him.*

Lucrecia: Even though that is so……and even though there are many things that were lost [gone], there are still a lot of things that are meant to be kept [not meant to be gone], is that…… right?

*Lucrecia looks at Vincent passionately.*

Lucrecia: I…I wanted you to live after I realized my feelings…… Well, whatever [anyway it’s fine]. Haha……

*Lucrecia turns around and you can only see half of her face.*

Lucrecia: But……If it keeps on going like this, it’s different, right? I’m sorry, I failed.

*She starts to break into tears and her voice starts to crack.*

Lucrecia: It was, a great deal of pain, [right?].

*She tries to hold herself together and then she turns back to her cheery voice again.*

Lucrecia: Ah~ What was I doing? I am sorry.

*Screen fades black again.*

Lucrecia: I am happy to know….that you survived [are still living]……

*The scene goes back to the garden again. This time, Vincent is finally able to move and response.*

Vincent: LUCRECIA!

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