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Dirge of Cerberus

Dirge of Cerberus is a spinoff game of Final Fantasy 7 that recently came out. This spinoff game stars Vincent Valentine, and features Yuffie, Reeve and Cid. It takes place in Midgar, where you face the hordes of Shinra soldiers who were trapped in the remains of the city after Meteor hit three years before. As neither myself or the previous owner have played it all the way through, a detailed article on Dirge was never written. Here is the stuff we were able to collect.

A scanned article in GameInformer, that reads that the game will also feature "more about Vincent's shadowy past, including his time with the Turks, his history with the scientist Hojo, and his relationship with Lucrecia."

Some scans of screenshots in Japanese video game magazines:

(Scans courtesy of Zoe and Elena).

In Dirge of Cerberus, Hojo was made quite a bit older than Lucrecia and Vincent in the past during the Jenova Project experiments in Nibelheim. This bit of new canon material has sort of thrown a wrench in the old idea that most FF7 fans had of Hojo being the same age as Lucrecia and Vincent. Most of the pictures on this site in the doujinshi section and fanart sections reflect this younger image of Hojo that are now canonically incorrect. But, er, ah....so what? :B The creation of this site (and most of the Hojo fandom in general) was based on the original canon. None of us would have any idea that Square was planning a sequel and what would happen to the perception we had of these vaguely outlined minor characters. While canon is canon, this site's official stance is based on the original game, and will continue to be based on the original game until somebody assassinates me, or 1000 year old aliens take over my body.

UPDATE 04-04-07
A while back, I got an email from Edward who had translated one of the last scenes from Dirge in script form from the original Japanese version.
Here it bee.

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