Crisis Core

The in-game battles with the monsters in Crisis Core are recorded by Professor Hojo for his records and the audience's amusement. Pound for pound against the info about Hojo provided in Dirge, it gives us a much more real concept of who Hojo is in canon. Again, many thanks to Ravy for the transcription of these.

Sample Monsters Lv. 2
[commentary in brackets by Ravynne]

Experiment No. 107:
Is the hero really dead?
Things would have been more interesting if only
I had arrived at Nibelheim a bit sooner...
We'll have to settle for a simulation based on the data
left in the monitoring system at the mako reactor.
[This fight is against the second phase of Sephiroth that is fought in the game.]

Experiment No. 108:
I wonder if Sephiroth gave his all fighting you?
It's too bad the monitoring system cannot record the
subject's mind as well. Still, the data shows
significant strength. Could he have accepted you
as a SOLDIER member? An interesting state he was in...
[This fight is against the first phase of Sephiroth that is fought in the game.]

Experiment No. 109:
Failures, failures, failures--what annoyances.
And yet I suppose even failures have value
as experimental subjects. This was a man
who used to constantly get in my way, but now
he will work for me as a test subject.
[This battle is against Hollander.]

Experiment No. 110:
A decent experiment, and a long time coming.
You have fought these numerous times before,
so they should look familiar to you. But as to
how they fight... You'll have to see for yourself.
[The battle is against a behemoth (which, IMO, strangely resembles Galian Beast).]

Experiment No. 111:
Increasing any test subject's parameters across the
board is a true challenge, so I have produced an
experiment who has one tiny additional skill.
Fight it, and you'll see what I mean.
[This battle is against a flying cyclops thing which chain casts firaga/blizzaga and started to cast something called Death before I whooped it. =( Oops.]

Experiment No. 112:
This experiment has one particular ability raised
quite high. I am infinitely curious to see how it
fights, so hurry up and get in the ring!
[This fight is against a jumping lizard-ish monster with a javelin who owned me in one hit for about 4800 when I, um..."let" it land on gather the data, of course...]

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