Crisis Core

The in-game battles with the monsters in Crisis Core are recorded by Professor Hojo for his records and the audience's amusement. Pound for pound against the info about Hojo provided in Dirge, it gives us a much more real concept of who Hojo is in canon. Again, many thanks to Ravy for the transcription of these.

Sample Monsters Lv. 1

Experiment No. 101:
Your battle with the summon made for valuable data.
I have used this data to create a new battle sim;
be my guest and give it a try if you're up to it.
But I must warn you--though it is only a simulation,
the damage you recieve will be very real.

Experiment No. 102:
Bahamut! A rare find indeed...
I thank you for such an invaluable sample.
I have created another battle simulation based
on this data, so have at it once you're ready.

Experiment No. 103:
I know it's already a failure, so I'm not
especially keen on this...but I did recreate an
Angeal copy based on combat intel. It's just a
monster with a little bit of intelligence.
On second thought, it's probably a perfect match.

Experiment No. 104:
A very interesting sample. A Bahamut strain!
Genesis has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.
So, this is a simulated battle--with special
thanks to Genesis. Allow me to collect more
combat data while you dish out the hurt.

Experiment No. 105:
Is Genesis dead?
Actually, that is of no concern to me--my interest
lay only in his abilities.
He showed remarkable growth for a failed experiment.
Far more promising than you.

Experiment No. 106:
Too bad about Angeal.
He could have lived longer had he only returned to
Shinra. I would have preferred to get his body back to
my lab...but at the very least, I retrieved some data
from which I created a simulation of his final state.
Perhaps you might be able to tell just how
faithful a reproduction it is...

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