Crisis Core

Crisis Core is yet another FF7 spinoff game, which follows the exploits of the original SOLDIER 1st class, Zack. The events in the game go from when Zack was a 2nd class, all the way up until, well, he is brutally shot by Shinra Troops after escaping the Shinra Mansion with Cloud.

Unlike Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core is an action RPG that is quick, fun, likeable and easy. Much like Zack himself.

Hojo features quite generously in Crisis Core. In CC's many many MANY side-missions is a very large section where you get to fight monsters that the Professor has created. In the descriptions of these missions, Hojo's personality really shows through, and it's largely amusing.

Hojo's Laboratory Mission Descriptions
Sample Monsters Lv 1
Sample Monsters Lv 2

Ravynne of the Vincent Shrine Crimson Shroud has kindly collected and donated the descriptions from the Sample Monsters Lv 1 and Lv 2 for us. My hats off, me dear! :3 Thanks to her, I've been able to start the Crisis Core section.

More stuff (like pictures) will be coming soon, but it might take a while. ^^;


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