Before Crisis

Before Crisis

Yes, Hojo appears in Before Crisis, the mobile phone-based FFVII prequel set 5-6 years before the events of FFVII.

That's his official image from the Japanese BC website. I'm a bit disappointed he doesn't have the messy bangs here, but I guess that's something that came along farther down his spiral. In comparison to the other characters, he has a different skin coloration, incidentally. On one of the boards I saw it called "greenish" but to me it actually looks more like an Asian-ish sallow skin tone.

If you skip down to the screenshots you can compare it with the skin tone used for most of the characters. Well, if nothing else, I think it's an improvement over the original Shinra Hierarchy Chart image of him.

The official site describes him as follows:
"He justifies his actions based on whether or not they will satisfy his profound desire for knowledge. If it will, then he has no objections disregarding ethics or indulging in inhuman courses of actions."

Chapter 10

The gist of chapter 10 is that there is trouble in the Shinra building... plus Avalanche is infiltrating to target Hojo.

"I just wanted to try out its power in actual combat."

Chapter 13

Picking up immediately after Nibelheim is burned to the ground, chapter 13 deals with the aftermath cleanup for the Turks and for Hojo's new specimens.

"These could be useful for new research samples."

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