Essay: Intro to the FF7 Script
Author: Renee

Within 3 Discs
Hojo during FF7

While Hojo's primary role as a motivating force for much of the plot of Final Fantasy 7 is centered in actions taken long before the game opens, his actions during the game are key at many points.

Shinra pursues Aeris because Hojo thinks he can use her to find the promised land. When she's captured and brought to the Shinra building, Cloud and the others rescue her, in the process meeting Red XIII and causing the exposition of much interesting backstory, and well as the party's first meeting with Jenova and their first near-meeting with Sephiroth. Later in Costa del Sol, Hojo gives the party the hint that Sephiroth is headed west.

At the Northern Crater, Hojo again provides useful information on just what the hell is going on. His rejection of the mind-broken Cloud is the final straw that pushes Cloud over the edge and leads him to give the black materia to Sephiroth.

Finally, Hojo appears for the last time when he hijacks the mako cannon to help Sephiroth. He's one of the last bosses in the game. It's during this battle that you find out Hojo is Sephiroth's father, and pretty much everything there is to learn about Sephiroth's history is recapped here.

For the exact details of Hojo's actions and words during the game, you'll want to check the script.

- First Encounter
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- Facing a Failure
- Scheming
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